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Common Questions about Technical illustration projects and pricing

How do I know my invention and/or client information is safe with you? Be assured I keep our exchanges and work together in strict confidence. I have been working in the patent law field as a technical illustrator for more than 18 years. My client files are protected with industry grade security behind a firewall. In addition, emails and other correspondence are kept private and I do not discuss the details of my work outside of the scope of the client relationship. 

How much do you charge for a set of drawings? The level of detail and difficulty for each drawing is evaluated and priced individually.

  • Easy drawings are $30 per page. These include basic org/flow charts to illustrate a process. 
  • Standard drawings are $50 per page. These include more detailed org/flow charts and most line drawings. 
  • Difficult drawings are $90 per page. These are perspective-style drawings and line drawings requiring lots of detail and precision. 

The first round of revisions is free and, after that, small revisions up to three rounds are free. If more than three rounds of small revisions are needed, or if large-scale revisions outside the scope of our original agreement are necessary, or if additional drawings are added to the project, my regular rates for these drawings/changes apply and will be billed accordingly.

Do you do drawings for design patent applications? I am happy to take on a design project with the understanding that design patent examiners are notoriously finicky about precision. When the examiner provides feedback to the application, I offer small revisions for free. If, however, the examiner requires more drawings or more detail than what we originally agreed upon, I charge my regular rates for the extra drawings and/or significant changes to drawings.

What is your turn-around for patent illustration projects? Depending on the scope of the work, my typical turn-around time for a project is 48 hours during the business week, which is Monday through Friday.

With so many different kinds of software out there, how will I be able to access my project? I provide a PDF file of the drawings upon completion. If you prefer a different format, please let me know in advance.

Do you take credit cards? Upon receipt of my invoice you can pay via credit card through PayPal, or you can mail a check to the address provided on the invoice. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice.