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Kitchen Dilettante is about opening the heart and mind to the power of food. By sharing recipes and how-to guides, I hope to help others build confidence in the kitchen and see the value of a home-cooked meal.

Clips shared here are the Best of the Best. Some are articles that receive the most traffic, while others are works I'm simply proud to share. 

Snickerdoodles - Fun to Say, fun to eat

This recipe originated with my grandmother. I've made a tweak or two to update it, but it still takes me back to the special days when Grandma made them.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This recipe creates a beautiful cake fit for any occasion but it would go particularly well with a special afternoon coffee, tea, or as a decadent brunch dessert. The brown sugar topping becomes almost like caramel and the pineapples and cherries create a delightful work of art. Everything in this recipe comes together so well that each bite will leave you craving another.

GlutenFree Chicken and Waffles.jpg


As a way to connect with friends and family who have adopted a gluten-free diet, I attempt to create an old favorite without any of the gluten. To read the entire article and access the recipe, please visit the following link:

Photo by Josh Blacker.

Photo by Josh Blacker.


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