A Tex-Mex Beer Brunch

Brunch has a reputation for being reserved for special occasions, like Easter or Mother’s Day. While those are excellent reasons to enjoy it, the beauty of brunch is that it’s perfect for any occasion that allows for relaxed indulgence with friends and family. We created our Tex-Mex Craft Beer Brunch menu and paired it up with delicious brews to provide the perfect excuse to enjoy brunch any time of year.

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Beer Connoisseur magazine, winter 2016 (digital)

Sweets for the sweet: four ways to woo with brews

Valentine’s Day is known for high-priced meals and equally high expectations, but let’s face it, what this holiday really boils down to is sharing dessert and bubbly with your special someone. Why not forgo the pricey meal and head straight to dessert? Pair it up with delicious craft beer and you’ve got yourself the sweetest Valentine’s Day beer tasting ever.

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Holiday Cheers: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Craft Beer Fête

Hosting a holiday cocktail party can bring out the best of the season, but for a lot of people it means stress, anxiety, and a whole lot of hassle. To make sure this year is more fun than frazzled, we’re ditching the high-maintenance high balls and old-fashioned cocktails in favor of something far more host-friendly and delicious – local craft beer. To make things even easier, we’ve designed a party for ten to twelve guests, complete with impressive make-ahead dishes, tips for sharing the load, perfect beer pairings, and even a gift idea!

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The Gift of Beer: How Sweet It Can Be

This article helps readers take their gift-giving up a notch by pairing traditional holiday confections with deliciously matched craft beer.


Craft Luck Challenge Puts the Beer into Cooking

From the "Annals of Partying," this article shows how to create a new kind of potluck party. It's one-part competition, one-part inspiration as guests are challenged to cook up appetizers using craft beer as an ingredient. At the end of the evening, there can be only one winner who goes home with the coveted stein and title of "Best Craft Chef of Craft Luck Challenge, 2014." It ends up being a friendly competition, though, because everyone is rewarded with the delicious results.


Brewing Farm to Table: Growers, Brewers, and Chefs Collaborate to Create Beer-oirs

This article covers how the concept of Farm-to-Table has made its way into the craft brewing scene as brewers build relationships with local farmers and chefs to create beers with flavors of a specific place, or "beer-oir".