Samples of My Work

Below is a sampling of my freelance writing and fashion blogging. To see my technical illustrator portfolio, click here.

freelance Writing

For more than four years I have worked regularly with the editors of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine to create featured food articles, both for the print magazine and the digital version. Below are a few favorites from each format.



Brewing Farm to Table

This 2500-word article covers how the concept of farm-to-table made its way into the craft brewing scene as brewers build relationships with local farmers and chefs to create beers with flavors of a specific place, or "beer-oir". 

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Craft Luck Challenge Puts the Beer into Cooking

From the "Annals of Partying," this article shows how to create a new kind of potluck party. It's one-part competition, one-part inspiration as guests are challenged to cook up appetizers using craft beer as an ingredient. At the end of the evening, there can be only one winner who goes home with the coveted stein and title of "Best Craft Chef of Craft Luck Challenge, 2014." It ends up being a friendly competition, though, because everyone is rewarded with the delicious results.

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Beer Connoisseur Magazine

Digital Issue #24,
May/June 2016

Polish Off These Polish Dishes

Although history has not always been kind to Poland, its people are known for their resilience and their ability to preserve their culture through even the darkest hours. Since food is a way to keep hold of one’s culture, those who have had to emigrate from the homeland maintain ties through aromas and flavors that remind them of the old country.

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Fashion Blogging - Petite Over 40

Petite Over 40 is a blog that explores the world of fashion from the vantage point of middle age. Through personalized articles, I collaborate with local boutique owners, fashion designers, and artists who bring their unique voices to the industry.

The Dress that made me feel like a star

February, 2017

In this article I reveal the weight loss journey my husband and I undertook in our early 40s, only to discover that in the decade of gaining and losing the weight, a dress I wore 15 years prior no longer fit because my body had aged.

The Dress that Made Me Feel Like a Star is one of my most popular posts because of the honest conversation started about weight gain/loss and aging.

The Spirit of Paris Lives in Tucson

May, 2017

Tucson, Arizona is a town in the middle of the Sonoran desert with deep ties to the Old West. It may come as some surprise, then, that the spirit of Paris lives through a fashion designer who calls Tucson home.

This article, The Spirit of Paris Lives in Tucson, features the work of sustainable fashion designer, Laura Tanzer. 

Books, Art, & Slow Fashion + I Spy with My Magic Loupe

July, 2017

In this two-part series, fashion was a backdrop for discussing the art of writer Yvette Johnson and artist Osamu Kobayashi. 

The first article in the series, entitled Books, Art, and Slow Fashion, provides a review of Yvette Johnson's book, The Song and the Silence. 

The second article, entitled I Spy with My Magic Loupe Necklace, showcases the work of Vancouver artist, Osamu Kobayashi. This post focuses especially on the craftsmanship and artistic inspiration involved in making his magnifying loupe necklace.